Stellan Veloce – Stellan Veloce's Complesso Spettro (Hyperdelia, LP/digital)

Stellan Veloce is a member of collectives such as Y-E-S and Fem*_Music*_ and can look back on a series of collaborations with artists from sometimes very different disciplines and genres. It comes as no surprise then that even a release with a title like »Stellan Veloce's Complesso Spettro« (roughly translated: »Stellan Veloce's Complex Spectrum«) is not purely a solo affair. The two tracks feature Hyperdelia co-founder Andreas Dzialocha on bass, Julia Reidy on guitar, Elena Kakaliagou on horn as well as a few other figures of the Berlin free and improvised music scene. The final albums by Talk Talk are mentioned as one of the musical reference points, but at times the free-flowing pieces are also reminiscent of The Necks, were the Australian band to make even more concessions to rock on the one hand and improv and Berlin-style echtzeitmusik on the other. In fact, it becomes hardly noticeable that Veloce—playing cello here—worked with different recordings from different parts of the world for the album of this disparate group, as this musical polylogue was mainly created at the cutting table. So what is Complesso Spettro? Perhaps a phantom band. After all, »spettro« could also be translated as »ghost«. Its manifestation, however, sounds very concrete instead of purely hauntological.