KMRU & Aho Ssan – Limen (Subtext, LP/digital)

Joseph Kamaru moved to Berlin only recently, and yet the sound artist and ambient producer, who previously used to work in Nairobi, is already very well connected in the city and has been extremely productive in dealing with the soundscape that it presented to him. »Limen« was released on James Ginzburg's label Subtext and documents the fruits of Kamaru's collaboration with the French-based artist Niamké Désiré, which came about as part of the »Metabolic Rift« edition of Berlin Atonal and was thus situated in the imposing Kraftwerk. Against this background and in view of the themes that informed the resulting piece »Resurgence«, above all of course the experience of the pandemic, it is hardly surprising that KMRU and Aho Ssan rely on even more forceful, haunting sounds than ever before in their respective œuvres. The two additional compositions—»Rebirth« and »Ruined Abstractions«, the titles all speak for themselves—are just as much based on harsh digital noise and massive bass frequencies, which only give way to softer sounds in the third piece—though only for a short time. An overwhelming album.