Ilpo Väisänen – Keskipa​̈​iva​̈​n Hetken Sumea Vaillinaisuus (I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free, LP/digital)

I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free was launched in June 2022 by Kateryna Zavoloka and Dmytro Fedorenko as a sublabel of Prostir, whom the two presented as part of the third KISSA edition during Month of Contemporary Music. After two archive releases by Muslimgauze and a Merzbow reissue, Ilpo Väisänen's »Keskipa​̈​iva​̈​n Hetken Sumea Vaillinaisuus« is its first release with completely new music on it. On it, the Pan Sonic and die ANGEL member traverses the broad spectrum of his influences starting with electroacoustic music to dub and noise music. As always, the proceeds will be donated to humanitarian organisations and benefit the Ukrainian population.