Live Workshops for Arabic-Speaking Artists and Culture Makers

3. November 2021 | 17:00 - 19:30
ACUD MACHT NEU, Veteranenstraße 21, ACUD STUDIO, 1st floor of the backyard, 10119 Berlin

We are warmly inviting Arabic-speaking artists and culture makers to an information and networking day as part of the nationwide cooperation project "Guides to the Independent Arts Communities".

The live event for Arabic-speaking artists and culture makers will deal with different aspects of making music: publications, managing a label, working together with other artists. It will deal with everyday problems, such as managing one’s own finances and paperwork as well as the basic steps for finishing a production and presenting it on a professional level. It will look at promoting one’s own work to earning a living working in an artistic field. Rabih Beaini (guide and music producer) will discuss all of this with his guests Ziad Fayed (sound engineer, organizer of music events) and Julia Schmitt (culture manager).

The diverse intercultural schedule of events for the information and networking day will include three live events (in Arabic, in French and in Spanish) and will be curated by the transnational guides Rabih Beaini (Lebanese music producer), Charlotte Bomy (French culture maker), Steve Mekoudja (Camerooniann writer and musician) and Laia Ribera Cañénguez, (Salvadorian writer, performer and theater educator).

The three live events will be organized by Music Pool Berlin and inm – initiative neue musik berlin e.V.

Schedule of Events (Subject to Change)

5:00 pm
Welcome address and introduction of Music Pool Berlin
With Urszula Heuwinkel (Guides to the Independent Performing Arts) and Kirsten Grebasch (Music Pool Berlin) – In German and English

5:15 pm
Presentation, a short tour through the studio Morphine Records
With an introduction to the history of Morphine Records as an example of an independent structure in the music industry.
With Rabih Beaini (guide and music producer) – In Arabic and English

5:30 pm
Being an artist and everything that is involved in that
With Rabih Beaini (guide and music producer) – In Arabic and English

6:00 pm
How do you promote when you have something to promote
With Ziad Fayed (sound engineer, music promoter) – In Arabic and English

6:30 pm
The German paperwork system and how to it handle it yourself
With Julia Schmitt (cultural manager) – In English

7:00 pm
Summary and open discussion for the participants