Design-Briefing – Voraussetzung für visuelle Kommunikation

ONpaper. Digitale Workshopreihe von inm / field notes berlin & ON – Neue Musik Köln

Design is a visual language. For successful dialogue through design, it is therefore important to find out and record what is to be communicated to whom. In her lecture, Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling talks about the conceptual groundwork on which a successful design brief, for example for a website or a social media campaign, can be based. The so-called design briefing defines the design assignment before the first sketches and layouts are started. It conveys the task to designers and asks what information is communicated through the design of graphics, photos and text and who the recipients of this information are in the first place.

Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling, who completed her doctorate in aesthetics with Bazon Brock at the end of the nineties, has received several awards for her motion design projects. As a communication designer and creative director, she advises institutions, companies and independent constellations in the field of communication and public relations. Since 1998, she has been head of the Motion Design course at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. In 2004, the Robert Schumann University appointed Heike Sperling as Professor for Digital Visual Media. She directs the Master's programme Sound and Reality and the Visual Music major at the renowned Düsseldorf University of Music. In 2015, she was also appointed to the advisory board of the Center for Visual Music in Los Angeles.

About ONpaper

The COVID-19 pandemic is fundamentally changing the cultural landscape and exacerbates many of the challenges freelance artists have to face. Audiences have to be addressed via social media and artists have to compete on a transregional virtual stage. Professional and productive self-presentation in digital space becomes ever more indispensable. At the same time, the banning of concerts has exposed what impact precarious risk management, contractual pitfalls and legal grey areas have on cultural producers. Meeting these challenges requires technical, strategic, and legal knowledge.
We would like to explore the affordances of digital formats with a cooperation beyond the boundaries of cities and artistic communities in order to provide concrete tools to its members. Together, the inm / field notes berlin and ON – Neue Musik Köln offer a workshop series on the topics of positioning, communication and audience development as well as music and law. In several workshop sessions before and after the summer break, experts will supply the participants with basic skills for independent artists.


The workshop will take place online on Zoom on 11 May 2021 from 4-6.30 p.m., the language will be German. Participation is for free, but limited. Therefore, we ask that you only send in binding registrations!

Please register your attendance by May,10 2021 via this registration form.