The field notes program of the inm - initiative neue musik berlin e.V. offers a wide range of options for professionalisation of and networking within the independent contemporary music scene in Berlin.

Our consultation services include advice on planning your own professional career as independant artist, project management and an orientation in the funding landscape. The consultation is free of charge, lasts about 45 minutes and usually takes place via zoom or in the inm-office. Just send us an email with your request and an appointment request to

(See also: In our online workshop series ONpaper, which we organize together with ON Cologne, experts teach basic skills for working in the independent scene. Click here for the workshop program).

communication strategy

We are happy to help with acute issues for specific projects as well as with the long-term planning of communication strategies. We provide consultation and support at industry standard rates, create project-based communication strategies and provide assistance with long-term planning of marketing and PR strategies.

For an appointment, please contact marketing [​at​]

social media

Social media work is more important than ever, especially for the independent scene. A consultation with Fillipp Vingerhoets is designed to provide a brief overview of the basics and tools available, as well as concrete options for evaluating specific potential benefits of various social networks for artists in the independent experimental and contemporary music scene.

For an appointment, please contact Fillipp Vingerhoets (fillipp.vingerhoets [at]

audience development

Contemporary music audiences tend to belong to a small educated elite, and listening experience correlates strongly with knowledge of the art form. Recent audience research highlights the need to create new framework conditions that unlock increased participation and a positive listening experience. Therefore, we at inm want to encourage the development of relationships with increasingly diverse audiences. To that end, Dr. Gina Emerson is happy to support you in developing an individual audience development plan for special projects or in integrating it into your general artistic approach.

For an appointment with Dr. Gina Emerson, please contact marketing [​at​]


Funding calendar

Our chronological list of application deadlines is intended to provide an overview of the various grants for contemporary music in Berlin. All information is provided without guarantee. If deadlines or other conditions or information have changed, the field notes team very much appreciates receiving a message at marketing [​at​]

Pool of professionals

Over the years we have built up a cross-scene pool of experts that we are happy to pass on to players in the contemporary music scene. Please contact us for contacts in the following areas (marketing [​at​]

  • Marketing and PR
  • Graphic Design
  • Hand-to-hand distribution of flyers

Professional Newsletter

Our professional newsletter bundles useful information on current calls for proposals, cultural policy issues, application deadlines, and reminders of the editorial deadlines for the field notes magazine. Subscribe to the professional newsletter at

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