»Withdrawing a Ledge, Din« – Statement by Sergej Vutuc

Sergej Vutuc »Withdrawing a Ledge, Din«: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwcEgb5Ec-E

this lockdown,

was the right moment to open boxes of thoughts like »one day i will use these jammed, misused prints«

collecting and seeing in them some incredibly beautiful failures of the machine, spontaneous effects and associations

but throughout the years they were taking more and more space, breath, and now with moving to a new space (just a week before the lockdown) they were so present

usually i prefer to be on »stage« and then try to find something out of objects, using the energy in the space and go with it somewhere …

outside quiet streets, turn me to walk like a scanner, first right then left then next one left again then next one right and so on, discovering new neighborhoods, cracks in concrete, traces …

going back into the boxes, on soundpiece / publication, these stacks of paper now start to open a space and give air

they also give a structure and at the end form questions: how to face edition, sell, share or possess – with many down moments such as: who needs this, why, …

Sergej Vutuc, 3rd May 2020