Mazen Kerbajs »The Corona Diaries«

Mazen Kerbaj's »The Corona Diaries – Follow what Mazen Kerbaj is doing instead of what he should have done« is not just a collection of humorous comics and notes that portray the current end-time mood in Berlin. The quarantine blog also includes new pieces by the musician and comic artist, even his first love song.

In the meantime, an entire album has already been created, which is available for $ 0.00 or more on his Bandcamp site:

A recording of his album refers to the recently cancelled show with Ute Wassermann from his Mazen Kerbaj invites X plus one series at the ifa Gallery Berlin. However, he found an alternative method of working with a guest musician despite social distancing. He played and recorded a solo piece while listening to Ute Wassermann's album Strange Songs on headphones. This recording is also published on vimeo at:

Here is Mazen Kerbaj’s video statement: