Statement by Marta Zapparoli

Video: »Electromind and Subliminal Signals I«

For some years, the use of the electromagnetic spectrum, the energetic environment is the main medium in my artistic practice. Since January, inspired by my hibernated general state, I started practicing mindfulness meditation to reach a point where I can experiment and dive slowly into electrokinesis technics which consequentially I will use in my artistic investigation for a future installation project. This video is just a simple fragment of a work in progress. The body is lying on electronics to feel closer to the electrical current flux, a mixture of different frequencies of radio waves is detected and played loud in real-time. During a deep concentration, I dive into the waves with my mind, trying to desire to move, direct, the flux of it. Trying to make it happen. The main color for this experiment and practice is Red, it is the mirror of higher levels of energy, blood flux, heat, sensitivity, joy, strength, courage, vigor, willpower, anger, danger, action, protection from fears, determination.

I believe that the powerful wave of Covid-19 suddenly came as an exterminator, to obstruct, slow down our social, economic, material, a political world which is running at the speed of light, leaving an endless trail of destructive side effects like wars, intolerance, racism, selfishness, speculation, disrespect, waste, pollution, anxiety, etc.!

Despite the economical crisis, this is an opportunity for humanity to take time, to breathe, and to reflect on these side effects of our techno society, to find new ways to change it in better, and trying to re-think the future with more awareness, collectivism, tolerance, respect, equality, peace and less speed and economical power...!

The drama of this pandemic is that it is killing also many innocent people, especially in poor countries around the world, and this makes me think a lot.

This pandemic has put society on its knees by showing its fragility! What do we expect next?

On the other end, I’m very happy for nature and animals, they can finally live more in harmony in a less polluted environment, and my sinusitis is also benefiting from it.

As an artist, like most of my colleagues, I lost all my concerts and works, however, I feel myself in a very lucky position because I live in Berlin, I can benefit from the support from the Berlin Senat even if I do not agree about the unclear instructions on how to use the money for the second part of the benefits. It should be equal for everybody to use it for living costs to survive. Unfortunately, there are many artists and colleagues in other countries who have no support from the state and who struggle more to survive!

I miss a lot to be on stage, to meet the audience and people around, to talk to them, and to travel.

I have to say that I’m not doing live-streaming concerts, it doesn't make any sense for my artistic work. For me, it is fundamental to perform on stage in front of a real audience, feeling the real-time flow of energies, sharing the sonic experience with them. It is a unique and unrepeatable moment which has to be live.

I really enjoyed in the past two months to see the empty city around, and the photos and videos of many deserted cities all over the world, it is a kind of apocalyptic dimension never experienced before, and outside I can hear microscopical sounds which normally are covered by the noise of the city and this is very interesting, showing a different view of the acoustic reality.

I feel myself in a kind of hibernation of time, I like this feeling.

This kind of half-closure, for me is very creative and meditative.

I love to be in my studio to work on new projects, researching, building, experimenting, playing music, reading, thinking a lot, making yoga and meditation, talking with friends and family on the phone, and of course cooking and drinking good wine.

I’m wondering how it will be, our society, after this time!

How will we deal with each other in public spaces?

I guess the social contacts will change, it will be probably more distant, more careful.

Probably the future brings us an increment of social anxiety.

How will it be for artists to perform again in public, to travel again and in which conditions? Reality will change again and again, and we need to be flexible and ready to afford any of these realities.

Artists need to infiltrate space with new ideas, to have a new vision, a new format for the future! The future of art – art for the future!

And finally, I’m sending cosmic energy, a big thanks and a lot of respect to all those people like doctors, nurses, doctors without borders, volunteers, among others who are risking every day their lives to save other lives

By Marta Zapparoli May 10th, 2020