Ukrainian Composer

Ukrainian composers

On 6 May, the Kyiv Contemporary Music Days and inm / field notes organised a joint web-talk about the current situation of artists in the field of contemporary music in Ukraine. (Read the report of the discussion here.)

In the panel discussion, Oleksandr Vynogradov, former head of the Visual Art Department at the Ukrainian Institute, explained three ways in which German institutions and organisations can most effectively support Ukrainian cultural practitioners:

a) discover Ukrainian culture
b) provide a platform for Ukrainian artists
c) cooperate with Ukrainian professionals and organisations

In this spirit we have started to compile a list of Ukrainian composers with the help of the Kyiv Contemporary Music Days that you can use as a resource for programmes (also of course for the Month of Contemporary Music). We will add to the list regularly and am looking forward to more suggestions.

  • Alla Zahaikevych is one of the key figures of Ukrainian electroacoustic music as a composer, musician and musicologist, as well as the founder of the Electronic Music Studio at the National Academy of Music and the Em-Visia festival in Kyiv. Her broad oeuvre includes symphonic, chamber music and opera compositions, as well as multimedia installation works, performances and film music.
  • Karmella Tsepkolenko is not only a multi-award-winning composer of orchestral and chamber music works as well as pieces for voice or piano, but also a trained music teacher and co-author of the book »Artistic Games«. In 1995, she founded Two Days and Two Nights of New Music, one of the longest running and most important Ukrainian festivals, in her native city of Odessa.
  • Anna Korsun is an interdisciplinary artist based in Germany whose work ranges from compositions for voice and piano to sound art and installation and performance works. She is also a musician and lecturer in the field of composition. Her work focuses on the exchange between different art forms and also mediates between professional musicians and amateurs.
  • Olena Ilnytska is a composer of contemporary music whose work includes compositions for solo clarinet and piano as well as orchestral works.
  • Ostap Manulyak is a composer, musician and event organiser who, among other things, runs the VOX ELECTRONICA festival. He is also a director of the Experimental Educational Studio of Electroacoustic Music (EESEM) at the Lviv Academy of Music, where he also holds an assistant professorship.
  • Anton Koshelev is a composer and pianist. The compositions of the artist from Odessa give the performers interpretative freedom thanks to partially graphically designed notation and thus also refer to his background in improvised music.
  • Alexey Shmurak is co-founder of the Ensemble Nostri Temporis from Kyiv, composer, sound artist and pianist. The coordinator of the international COURSE master classes for new music has repeatedly sought proximity to Ukrainian writers in his work and has collaborated with ensemble recherche and the Arditti Quartet, among others, on works that brought together text and music. He also regularly collaborates with Oleg Shpudeiko on electroacoustic music based on modular synthesis. He is active as a lecturer and organiser of workshops on social and political issues in music.
  • Adrian Mocanu is a multi-award winning composer of contemporary music from Kyiv whose internationally performed works have a particular focus on the human voice.
  • Tetyana Khoroshun is a composer and sound artist who increasingly uses field recordings and electronic means in her work. Her works have been presented in the context of installation works, performances and dance pieces, among others.
  • Alisa Kobzar is active as a composer of works from various fields of contemporary and experimental as well as electronic and electro-acoustic music, but at the same time she is also a multimedia artist who repeatedly relies on interdisciplinary and even interactive approaches. The Graz-based artist collaborates under the name rotkäppchen with dancer Lisa McGuire at the intersection of performance, music and visual art.
  • Yana Shliabanska is a composer of electronic, electroacoustic and contemporary music based in Kyiv. She has been part of the electroacoustic music duo Guma since 2018. Most recently, she implemented a cycle called »COLORS«.
  • Maxim Shalygin is a composer of orchestral, vocal, symphonic and electro-acoustic works. The Netherlands-based artist has also written music for ballet, theatre and film. His work puts a special focus on compositions for solo instruments, including pieces for accordion and cello.
  • Anna Arkushyna is a composer of solo and chamber music works who makes use of electronic means as well as unconventional instruments and other means of sound production. The works of the Graz-based artist have been performed internationally and have been awarded numerous prizes.
  • Maksym Kolomiiets is co-founder and artistic director of the Ensemble Nostri Temporis and also active as a composer and oboist in the Ukho Ensemble, among others. Since 2017, the Kyiv-based artist has been curating the Gogolfest for multidisciplinary art and film.
  • Anton Stuk is a composer of electronic and electroacoustic music. The Chernihiv-born artist uses digital effects and other forms of sound manipulation in his works, but has also written chamber music and orchestral pieces.