»contemporary music in global contexts«
presented by field notes and the Akademie der Künste Berlin

As part of the Month of Contemporary Music, field notes and the Akademie der Künste Berlin were hosting a two-day Symposium on the 26th and 27th of September 2019 to reflect on intercultural cooperation, international networks, and artistic practices in global contexts.

Far-reaching, socially transformative processes such as globalisation, digitalisation, migration, and mobilisation are transforming society and culture and therefore have an immediate impact on artistic working processes in contemporary music. Collaborative work processes, intercultural thinking and reflection on discourse and format have long been important components in the conception of concert projects, festivals, and funding programs, as well as in the development of networks. In an open space, individually-developed expertise was collected for the first time and developed further. The second day provided a chance to learn about and exchange with organisations, festivals, and ensembles of the contemporary music scene in the Balkans.

The next symposium is expected to take place again in September 2020. Please contact us if you would like to be kept up to date with the planning (