Daily episodes August 10th through 16th

During our podcast series, jazz musicians will be in conversation with organizers, publicists, bookers, labels, about topics that are currently relevant to the Berlin jazz and improv scene. These short podcasts will have a look at how the corona crisis has been influencing music from an artistic point of view, ask how it has affected places and, above all, people, look into the current sate of equality and diversity in jazz, define what new perspectives can be gained in the long term and discuss how jazz and streaming can actually work. One to two new episodes are released every day, to hear and see at www.jazzwoche.berlin.

Amongst others with:

Julia Hülsmann
Christopher Dell
Peter Ehwald

Fama M'Boup
Oliver Potratz
Uli Kempendorff
Kathrin Pechlof
Laura Winkler
Stefanie Marcus
Norbert Krampf
Simon Alter
Cansu Tanrikulu