Daily episodes August 10th through 16th During our podcast series, jazz musicians will be in conversation with organizers, publicists,...

#1 Laura Winkler talking with Fama M'Boup

#2 Oliver Potratz talking with Kalle Kalima

#3 Laura Winkler talking with Stefanie Marcus & Norbert Krampf

#4 Cansu Tanrikulu talking with Sera Kalo

Berlin-based artists Ayse Cansu Tanrikulu and Sera Kalo discuss xenophobia and racism in the local music scenes of Germany. The conversation...

#5 Oliver Potratz talking with Johannes Schleiermacher

#6 Laura Winkler talking with Simon Alter

#7 Kathrin Pechlof talking with Julia Hülsmann

#8 Oliver Potratz talking with Lukas Kranzelbinder

#9 Peter Ehwald talking with Ronny Graupe & Sebastian Studnitzky