Open Call

The Month of Contemporary Music is curated by the scene itself: ensembles, festivals, venues and artists are invited to contribute events to the program. The inm / field notes only coordinates the individual events and administers cross-festival communication. Via the common framework of the Month of Contemporary Music, a wide range of activities can be adequately showcased and communicated to a broader public.

Participation in programming

Please let us know as soon as possible – by June 20th at the latest – whether you would like to participate in the Month of Contemporary Music with an event. Enter the event directly in the field notes calendar so that we can initiate the public relations measures as early as possible.

Deadline: 20. Juni 2023

Planning calendar

We have been asked to reintroduce the planning calendar for better coordination (especially in the month of contemporary music). You can enter confirmed dates (green) and date options (yellow).

The more the calendar is used, the more helpful it is. So please feel free to pass on the information to your colleagues. For our part, we will make sure that the big festivals also enter their dates there.