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As a part of our new series of recommendations from Berlins book- & recordshops, "Zabriskie - Buchladen für Kultur & Natur" recommends Lucia Farinati's and Cluadia Firth's publication "The Force of Listening", which was published by Errant Bodies. The book is available in their shop at Reichenberger Straße, as well as online - via their webshop.

"The Force of Listening by Lucia Farinati and Claudia Firth is a very good book on so many levels. For one, it gently shifts the perspectives of our own perceptions to the complex sonic entanglements of our everyday lives. In thematically arranged conversations, artists and activists discuss the potentials of listening as a collective practice and as a method of redistributing and rewiring power structures. Recommended reading for anyone interested in #collectivepratice, #deeplistening, #sonicspeculation and #embodiedknowledge"

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