We Just Met... the Berlin Contemporary Music Scene (BCR)

On September 1st 2013, Mike met Phil atop a tower made of scrap-wood nailed together. Finding experimental music in common they instantly agreed to co-host a radio session in a musical kennenlernen and herzlich-ly invite you to become acquainted too.

Every Thursday, 12 – 13 Uhr, Berlin Community Radio

31.08.2017: We Just Met... Johan Svensson and the ensemble mosaik
07.09.2017: We Just Met... Hendrik Rungelrath and the Zafraan Ensemble
14.09.2017: We Just Met... Hacklander / Hatam
21.09.2017: We Just Met... Julius Holtz for the collaborative project Klang-Raum-Skulptur

Berlin Community Radio is an online broadcasting platform presenting everything that is coming from, passing through or influencing the creative scene in Berlin. BCR is home to over 100 shows covering a variety of topics: arts, music across genres, culture, relationships, queer politics, literature readings, feminism discussions, gender and internet phenomenons.