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digital + drinnen

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Dieses Set ist am 13. August um 18 Uhr hier auf field notes im Videostream zu sehen

Join SPOILER in a Special Jazzwoche, live video recording edition at Sowieso.

One 30 minute set.

Very limited guests. RSVP with confirmation only. Please use Facebook link below.
5-15 Euro suggested donation.

Working with the pre-emptive imagination of film music, using a series of cut-up and clashing chunks of sonically crystallised micro-adventures, to create a constantly unfolding meta-narrative. As your friendly neighbourhood iconoclasts, if you cherish the banal, they will ruin it for you.

Brad Henkel- Trumpet, Electronics
Liz Kosack- Synthesizers
Julia Reidy- Electric Guitar
Samuel Hall- Drums

The abscess of dysfunction that had formed on the immediate tract of his life was now dully throbbing, the muted light which came into the room from the chipped window seemed to faintly illuminate its imaginary translucent dome slightly from behind and underneath. Dust, a mixture of ashes and old skin, as well as the dissolving walls, sat as a thin film on every plane, any movement kicked up whorls of haze. He lifted his hand in demonstration. As predicted, the air was amass with dancing particulates. In the same observation he caught a glance of his autochrom - the embedded display in the side of his arm indicated it was 11:15987 s.a., written in digits that took on the quality of tattoo ink. “Damn.” touching the display, the numbers dissolved back under the skin...slipping into the blood, he thought. How did these things work? How does it get this damn late so quickly? Every fucking day. I am a vortex.

  • Dauer: 1:00h, Pausen: ja
  • Sowieso
  • Weisestraße 24, Berlin
  • Ticketpreis: Spende: 5 bis 15