Israel Rivera
Di, 14/04/2020, 20:00 Uhr
Komponierte Musik

Alex Raineri: Crimson

Unerhörte Musik

Australian pianist Alex Raineri (b. 1993) presents a recital of contemporary solo piano works from the past 25 years highlighting the artistic multiculturalism of the city of Berlin. With the exception of German-born Enno Poppe, the featured composers on this program hearken from Australia, Brazil and the UK, but have resided and worked in Berlin at some point in their lives. This collection of works seeks to illustrate the enormous and varied body of work being produced in Berlin and highlight how the city as a multicultural capital has played a part in defining the sound of the music composed there.
Enno Poppe’s Thema mit 840 Variationen (1993/97) lasts only 7 minutes. The theme is just one bar long, and consist of two intervals: two dyads of seconds. What follows is an extraordinary feat of compositional achievement. This extremely simple ‘theme’ is twisted, turned, and reborn in every conceivable manner. Most striking is the sense of organic development through this work, which is akin to an erratic jazz-inspired improvisation.
Two Australian composers feature on this program. British-born Chris Dench resided in Berlin in the late-80’s and is now a permanent resident of Australia. Dench is often categorised as being an exponent of ‘new complexity’ alongside comrade British composers such as Michael Finnissy and Brian Ferneyhough. flex for AR (2017) was derived from the large ensemble piece flux (2016) and is dedicated to Alex Raineri (AR).
A highlight of this concert is the European Premiere of a new work by Brazilian Berlin-based composer Leonardo Silva.

  • Enno Poppe: »Thema mit 840 Variationen« (1993/97)
  • Chris Dench: »flex for AR« (2017, DE)
  • Leonardo Silva: »New Work« (2020, UA)
  • Brett Dean: »Hommage à Brahms« (2013)
  • Rebecca Saunders: »Crimson« (2004/05)

Alex Raineri, Klavier

In seinem Recital spielt der australische Pianist Alex Raineri Werke von Komponisten, die in Berlin gelebt haben, oder leben und die so das multikulturelle Gesicht der Stadt widerspiegeln ...

  • BKA-Theater
  • Mehringdamm 34, Berlin
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