Fr, 31/01/2020, 21:00 Uhr
Echtzeitmusik / Improvisation / Komponierte Musik / Konzert

Pure Venice

Sölvi Kolbeinsson - alto sax
Julius Gawlik - tenor sax
Jacob Mundt - bass
Marius Wankel - drums

Coming from different backgrounds this music is the place where the musicians meet, connect and create together. They play original pieces which can be arranged or completely free improvised to give the different personalities space to unfold.

Without a harmonic instrument they can on the one hand create a transparent space, which results in honest and fragile moments. On the other hand they have the power to lead the music into chaos.

Eintritt frei, wir bitten um eine Spende für die Musiker. Vielen Dank.
Free entry, please donate some money for the musicians. Thanks a lot.

  • Peppi Guggenheim
  • Weichselstr. 7, Berlin
  • Bemerkungen zum Ort: Raucherinnen Bar
  • Ticketpreis: Spende