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Do, 07/02/2019, 21:00 Uhr

Amplify Berlin 4: Robert Lippok, Jana Irmert, The Allegorist

Fourth edition of ACUD’s creative development program for emerging musicians.

Acud Macht Neu presents: the fourth edition of the creative development program Amplify Berlin features live sets from mentees Jana Irmert and The Allegorist followed by a live set from their mentor Robert Lippok.

Jana Irmert
... is a Berlin-based sound and media artist. Being interested in the vague, irrational, less tangible aspects of existence, she translates inner images into atmospheric audiovisual or sonic spaces that invite the listener to connect with in their own way. Her work features electroacoustic multichannel compositions, audiovisual installations and joint projects with filmmakers, dancers and visual artists. She is co-founder of Studio am Fluss, a Berlin-based company specializing in sound for picture. Her first album End of Absence was released in 2016 on Fabrique Records, followed by her second album FLOOD in 2018. Both albums have received critical praise from various music blogs and magazines like Beat, Groove and Gonzo.

The Allegorist
aka Anna Jordan uses the pseudonym "Anna Jordan Project" for her visual artworks since 2004. In 2015 she took up another artistic name "The Allegorist" to express her auditive visions. The Allegorist stands for an imaginative journey through all ages, for a better future. It mixes all styles and genres and sets no limitations. Every great idea is welcomed and included into the mindset of a diverse unity. The Allegorist sings in the fictional and majestic Mondoneoh language, to connect all nations and honour all our ancestors. In 2016 her debut album „Botanical Utopia“ was released by "Kraak Records". In 2017 Anna Jordan began working simultaneously on music and video production, which resulted in her latest audio-visual works for her second album "Hybrid Dimension I."

Robert Lippok [Raster-Noton]
Avant-garde German visual artist and composer Robert Lippok has been an influential player in Berlin’s thriving experimental music scene from a very early age. In 1983, he co-founded dissident punk band Ornament und Verbrechen with his brother Ronald, inspired by industrial trailblazers Throbbing Gristle. An open platform to explore jazz, electronic, and industrial concepts with like-minded collaborators of the East German underground persuasion, the group remained active until the mid-1990s, at which point it was overtaken by the brothers’ next and most well-known collaboration, the palindromic To Rococo Rot. The Krautrockish band ushered in a new generation of electronic acts committed to acoustic investigations and improvisation of all stripes. Known for his expansive imagination, inventive rhythmic reflexes, and layers of fuzzy tones, Lippok’s solo work is just as wide-ranging – from funky, glitch-y, twisted techno to stage design for operas, gallery exhibitions, and a variety of notable collaborations.

Amplify Berlin
... is a creative development program at ACUD Kunsthaus. Each month, Berlin-based emerging musicians have the chance to be mentored in composition, production and live performance by established musicians.

During each one-month residency, two emerging artists receive feedback and advice from their mentor, work in a private music studio, develop their live set in the ACUD Clubs concert space, as well as present an online radio show. Each residency will culminate in a live set performed by the mentees at a showcase event, on a lineup alongside their mentor.

Amplify Berlin is co-financed by the Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) and Musicboard Berlin.


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