Fr, 11/01/2019, 19:30 Uhr

Christian Smith

Discrete Species

Sequence presents:

Discrete Species performed by Christian Smith, one hour of music for single percussion instruments (frame drum, spring drum, tile, stone, and saw blades).

Two pieces by Esaias Järnegard, Kuarup A+B, open the concert. "Kuarup" refers to a birth or death ceremony, and Järnegard draws heavily from his interest in the Noaidis of Greenland.

The third piece, Discrete Species, is a modular work that has been developed by Douglas Farrand and Christian since 2011. This is a 30-minute version for video and pre-recorded material along with live elements like rubbed stone and tile.

- - - - -

Kuarup A for frame drum and singing percussionist (2013) by Esaias Järnegard (b. 1983)

Kuarup B for spring drum (2013, 2018 Edition) by E. Jänegard

Discrete Species (2011-2018) by Douglas Farrand (concept and video by Christian Smith)

- - - - -

Christian Smith is a percussionist/performer residing in The Hague since completing a Fulbright exchange in Basel in 2016. He is interested in the way music creates agency, connects communities, and defines/diversifies our lives.

He collaborates with an international group of artists but primarily performs with the Dutch ensemble Oerknal, but was also a guest with Distractfold Ensemble (UK) and has formed his own group Gyre Ensemble (CH), which has toured Switzerland, Canada, and the U.S. Most recently Oerknal released its first album Narrow, Numerous on Dutch label 7 Mountain Records, and Christian and Marek Poliks presented their 50-minute installation performance Interdictor at the Münich Biennale.

  • KM28
  • Karl-Marx Str. 28, Berlin