Studio Heomugeoto
Mi, 23/01/2019, 17:00 Uhr
Konzert / Performance / Klangkunst / Sound Art

스튜디오 허무것도 Studio Heomugeoto: »Transient Skin« - Vernissage


by Studio Heomugeoto
as part of CTM FESTIVAL 2019


In 'Transient Skin' Studio Heomugeoto embraces the inner & outer processes of mourning. The exhibition of artistic research artifacts creates a narrative on grieving, navigating between the borders of the shared & private. Sound, sculpture, text & print are used to reflect on lostness, fear & death.

The exhibition 'Transient Skin' embraces inner & outer processes of mourning. These create a border between what we share & what we keep to ourselves. Presented pieces in sound, sculpture & print transition between this inner & outer space, give room for free & emotional reflection.
This exhibition is part of the work cycle Stages of Grief in which the artist collective Studio Heomugeoto focuses on a phenomenology of death. The outcome of this artistic research project is presented in constellations of artifacts, creating an interdisciplinary narrative on grieving.
Transient Skin guides visitors through a process of reflection. By confronting one with different aspects of the topic at hand, we wish to turn the gallery into a safe space in which everyone can meditate on their feeling of lostness & fear. We want to offer empathy, understanding & give a chance to face & share experiences.

  • Dauer: 07:00h
  • Zönotéka
  • Hobrechtstraße 54, Berlin