Foto: Oli Potratz
Mi, 22/03/2023, 20:00 Uhr



Johannes Haage – guitar
Matthias Pichler – bass
Joe Smith – drums

The three musicians of German, Austrian and American origin met in their current home-base Berlin and have been playing extensively as a trio for ten years.
The Trio DRIFT mainly works with compositions by guitarist Johannes Haage and drummer Joe Smith which offer a great variety of stylistic starting points from which they embark on new musical journeys together, creating open spaces for spontaneous improvisation and mutual interplay. As in a dreamlike state, their music drifts from sparse to dense, from pop-like structures to free improvisation – but always staying true to the melody of the song and the calling of the moment.



  • Panda-Theater
  • Knaackstraße 97, Berlin