Di, 05/12/2017, 20:00 Uhr

urban acoustic tribe

urban acoustic tribe reflects on music as transcultural space and features artists of different music traditions. A unique tray of artists challenges an upbeat contemporary music practice focused on just-intonation along with performances by the Iranian voice artist Cymin Samawatie to live electronics by Korhan Erel introducing own compositions, showcasing a fresh work by the performance and sound artist Mio Chareteau and juxtaposing works by Alvin Lucier, James Tenney, John Cage, Chiyoko Szlavnics performed by the renowned musicians Alexandre Babel and Erik Drescher.
Exploring the vast potential of harmonic space, acoustic phenomena and auditory perception in non-western and europeen music urban acoustic opposes an hegemonic worldview and seeks to broaden horizons.

Cymin Samawatie / Korhan Erel

Cymin Samawatie, voice, percussion
Korhan Erel, soundprocessing, live-electronics

The masters of Iranian/Turkish poetry Jelaluddin Rumi, Nazim Hikmet, Hafis, Yunus Emre & Forough Farrokhzaad transformed into music, mixing analog and digitals sounds by the voice artist Cymin Samawatie and live-electronics by Korhan Erel.

  • Korhan Erel: »Mahreç« (2013)

Korhan Erel

Mahreç is based on recordings of two women designing jewelry in the studio of Armenian master jeweler Hraç Arslanyan in Istanbul. The piece points the listener towards the sonic contrast of jewelry design against the delicacy of the jewelry itself.

  • Chiyoko Slavnics: »For Eva Hesse« (2007)
  • James Tenney: »Having never written a single note for percussion« (1971)
  • James Tenney: »Seegersong #2« (1999)
  • John Cage: »Ryoanji« (1984)
  • Alvin Lucier: »Silver Streetcar for the orchestra« (1988)

Alexandre Babel, Percussion
Erik Drescher, Flute

  • Mio Chareteau: »Field Drum Solo« (UA)

Alexandre Babel, Percussion

Mio Chareteau composes works that are both sound and visual images. For Field Drum Solo she introduces repetitive and technically exacting gestures, exploring the drum as a resonant body for a minimal sound composition, as well as a living sculpture.


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