KLANGBRIEFE – Alessandra Eramo & Korhan Erel

Korhan and Alessandra, inspired by diaries, have become sound pen pals. Over the duration of 11 days in April they recorded every day a short piece of maximum 3 minutes and sent it to each other. As a sonic ritual they processed their current emotional state during the lockdown. Independent of, but depending on each other. Inside turning outside, in the moment of absence of concerts, in this strange »silent presence«.

Video: https://youtu.be/qulhcStyfYg

STATEMENT by Alessandra Eramo

I’ve been reflecting on the economical, social, material privileges in our opulent Western society: suddenly a virus blocks the habits that usually consolidate those privileges.

I find it as an important fracture, and it fascinates me, especially because it offers the possibility of a new state of mind, bringing the people closer to a sense of the Sacred again, for example through a no longer consumerist lifestyle, or through the joy of things that really count in life. Indeed we never lost that sense of the Sacred, it was always there but people couldn't see it, hidden behind something, called »normality«. I think we can all learn from this extreme experience, in different ways. In this historical phase the artists are somehow even more privileged, because we already know the crisis, we know how to emerge from the storm. Moreover, the artists are usually already near to that sense of the Sacred, we reproduce it, we live together with it.

STATEMENT by Korhan Erel

This sudden and extreme change in our lives and the uncertainties it continues to bring us were difficult to deal with at first. Just like many friends and colleagues around me, I had to compete with my brain that went into »freeze« mode against this unknown peril, as it could neither run away from nor fight it. Then, I remembered a somewhat similar time in my life: the five months I had to spend in the Turkish military. Compared to others forced to serve in the military during a civil war in Turkey, my experience was very light in the western coastal town of Izmir. Yet, the fact that I was imprisoned by rules, whose violations could lead to much harsher consequences than today’s, was taking its toll on me physically and mentally. It was that time in 2004 when I learned to be thankful for what I have and the smallest moments of happiness and pleasure in my life. Fast forward 16 years and here I am again, this time imprisoned by another set of rules and laws in another city in another country, and yet again thankful as my experience is much lighter and easier than how it is for millions of others. I see this as a period for self-reflection, contemplation, building mental stamina. On the lighter, more fun parts of life, I have been enjoying walks, cooking with my partner, »meeting« friends online much more than I used to, and working on my improvisation instruments and musical ideas.

Alessandra Eramo & Korhan Erel, 16-26 April 2020