Statement by Thomas Bruns

On the first view our environment and nature will be the winner of this crisis. Less human activities result in less exploitation of resources, less pollution and waste. It’s nice to see how and how fast nature and wildlife take back their original terrains. It’s not nice but interesting to remark that this epidemic is linked to the rats too. The lack of waste encourages a million of those hungry guys to leave the underground. Not only a few metropolises have reported attacks.

In our times fewer physical activities means increasing digital traffic. The power consumption of the computer farms in China and the USA knowingly wrong named as »clouds« has a huge growth.

For sure leaders of countries like the USA or Brazil will also use the crisis to question environmental standards.

Of course all our digital tools are important to keep working, to keep social contacts and to get entertained.

But I try not to post, to stream, to advertise all of what I wanted or could. The world has paused for a moment – it is a very unique moment I love to experience besides all the trivial sometimes dangerous problems the crisis produces.

Thomas Bruns, 29th April 2020