Statement von Jessie Marino

Video »Silent Inverter« – Text & Audio by François Sarhan, Video by Jessie Marino:

well, it’s been strange, and horrible, and, fine. (all a gross understatement)
my hair is a mess.
I cook most of the time – or watch tv.
weeks of recalibrating modes of productivity.
Chicago Bulls Documentary, Asparagus Risotto, RPDRUK, Tahini Shake, Tiger King, Miso Salmon, Sopranos, Flan.
A walk with a friend at a distance.
It's been unfairly sunny and warm.
My tooth hurts – I think I’m clenching or grinding while asleep.

As an extrovert I get a lot of creative energy from other people. So naturally, my energy now is very low.
The composer and theater maker François Sarhan has been sending me little clips of his collections of field recordings, found sound materials, recordings of his little son babbling in sing song.
And then he sent me this mini radio drama. A sudden snap of urgency to work arose – to embrace the ridiculous, the absurd, with whatever materials I had at hand.
A philosophical interview about the abstract ordering of time, through the act of doing laundry and hanging it piece by piece on the line.
Here is the trailer. François made the audio. I made the video.
François says this:
»I’m deeply honored and grateful that Jessie, at the end of the beginning of spring 2020 put an ear on my modest contribution to radio dramas and finds it interesting enough to construct a shining visual sky which stars enlight the modest sounds underneath«

I thank him for this energy – for the boost – and for the permission to go wild with his radio drama. This exchange came out of the blue – a surprise, and I needed that.

I hope you are safe and healthy in mind and body.

Jessie Marino, 29th April 2020