Link collection

Post-colonial theory from Kamila Metwaly:

  • Lewis Gordon on Shifting Geographies of reason (recent interview) and attached his theory. Walter Mignolo on Epistemic Disobedience; Audre Lorde, Uses of the Erotic, Erotic as power.. I think quite interesting when thinking of ‘care’ and vulnerability, I prefer listening to the speech which you can find here. Finally, I came across a very interesting series lately that I’d like to share with you, title Decolonisation in Action, it’s a new podcast series put together by Edna Bonhomne, Marianna Szczygielska and Kristyna Comer, I found it quite interesting and very much in relation to the conversation we had on decolonizing curatorial practices (not directly but I am sure they will somehow go there one day).

Databases from Cedrik Fermont:

European network for arts education and creative learning from Isabel Schubert:

  • RESEO is a unique European network for arts education and creative learning with a specific focus on opera, music and dance: