13. AUGUST, 18:30: Videopremiere vom Konzert am 10.8. im sowieso

Brad Henkel - trumpet/electronics
Julia Reidy- electric guitar
Liz Kosack - synthesizers
Sam Hall - drums

experimental rock/impro

Harsh cuts, sharp turns and unremitting, longing slow-burns - the quartet manoeuvres restlessly from detailed textured intricacies to anthemic hooks over laid-back grooves, tugging you mercilessly into condensed, punishing passages of reckless thrashing that dissipate instantaneously into a sparse, whispering serenity, or a grounding, riff-y, cyclical vortex. Underpinning the dizzying whirlwind of weaves and ricochets, SPOILER is relentlessly propulsive, their daring jump cuts and steady, aching builds ready to shoot you off once again into anti-gravity space, a landscape of blooming, fleeting architectures.